Valley Rainbow2Welcome to our new website. We hope you find it easy to navigate and self explanatory. We have worked very hard to come up with this site and we feel it is the best website in the wine tour industry. Updating the image of our company was a main goal along with easy of use. It’s funny how 13 years ago not many companies had websites and the world wide web was still an infant.

Remember services like AOL, LOL!

We had to be convinced we needed a website. Well all that has changed now. The website is how people find us, do their research and ultimately decide whether on not to book with us. Our first website was built in 2005. We remained on the top of the Google search rankings for years. Things changed drastically and our little old website was sadly becoming obsolete. She did us proud though, we are where we are today because of her! Sg=he has been a wonderful tool to show people our uniqueness and personality. We have always updated the website monthly. Now we are going to update weekly and post more topics centered around Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara wine tours, wine tasting, and wine in general.

It is an exciting new phase for our company and we look forward to hosting you for a wine tour!