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We don’t use the phrase “Wine Tour” loosely

  Our expert guides lead Santa Barbara County’s best wine tours When faced with options, why not select the best? We do much more than just drive! At Stagecoach Co. Wine Tours, we are experts in guided, educational wine tours of the region we know best: Santa... read more

Looking ‘Sideways’ at Merlot

Merlot.  Young blackbird, in French. That “effing” wine to Miles from the film Sideways. The classic Right Bank Bordeaux. Often blended. Sometimes referred to as Cabernet Sauvignon’s little bother. Merlot is elegant, lower in tannins, softer, and ready to drink... read more

Anyone can drive!

Let me start by saying that we pride ourselves in keeping thousands of people a year from drinking and driving. We are very thankful people appreciate the service we provide and the value it offers the community. This being the first post and all, I thought I’d... read more