Let me start by saying that we pride ourselves in keeping thousands of people a year from drinking and driving. We are very thankful people appreciate the service we provide and the value it offers the community.

This being the first post and all, I thought I’d start by explaining what separates us from our competition and why we feel so passionately about what we do. ‘Anyone can drive’ but when you reserve a tour with us it is so much more than someone driving you from one place to another and letting you off at the curb.

Our team is a highly educated group of fascinating locals who love what they do. We thrive on bettering our community and bonding with our neighbors to make the Santa Ynez Valley a wonderful place to live and work.

It is such an awesome felling to go to the grocery store or out to breakfast, lunch or dinner and see so many of the friends we have made over the years. Some are famous, others are legends, there are fresh newbies, but everyone of them is unique. Our valley has a beauty and spirituality that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. It’s lovely to live in a place that others come to vacation. It is an exceptional treat that we have World Class Wines and great restaurants.

Anyways, getting back to the ‘Anyone can drive’ theme, most of our competition comes from out of town. They come up and do their thing and then they leave and go home. This is truly a big factor in what makes us stand out. We spend our money here, we live here, we shop here, we support here! Everything we do, we try to remind ourselves to serve our community. We donate thousands of dollars in wine tours annually to a variety of non-profit organizations, as we feel it is only right to give back to the community that provides for us.

Taxi cabs are operating illegally if the tell you they can do a wine tour, they don’t have a TCP number(Transportation Carrier Permit). Taxi’s are not regulated by the State Public Utilities Commission and only regulated by the local municipalities. They are only allowed to pick up fares on a metered basis. They are not allowed to give you a pre-determined rate or conduct sightseeing or other types of tours. They are not the same as Limo or tour companies.

Be wary of these companies. Look on line at the Public Utilities Commission website to find further information. We pay large fees, hefty insurance, conduct 45 day vehicle inspections with the CHP, registered with the DMV Pull Notice program(random drug testing), and follow many other rigorous protocols to be safe and legal.

Please look up tour companies before booking a tour to make sure they are not operating on a revoked or suspended permit. CA PUC Lookup